Marché Restaurants Switzerland AG

Marché Restaurants Switzerland AG is a leading company for high-quality travel catering at heavily frequented locations in Switzerland and Swiss market leader in highway catering. With Marché® Restaurants, Marché® Natural Bakery, Marché® Bistro, Cindy’s Diner, and other concepts, it provides a wide range of catering offers at Swiss highway service stations as well as at Zurich Airport.

Marché Restaurants Switzerland AG operates 28 dining establishments, 1 catering division and 1 hotel. The company is active at 20 Swiss highway rest stops as well as at Zurich Airport. Since 2014, it has been fully owned by Coop Group. The versatile concepts offer a variety of fresh products to travelers, visitors from the region, families, and businesspeople: Marché® restaurants prepare the market-fresh dishes directly in front of the guests, the Marché® Natural Bakery bakes delicious breads according to the standards established by the traditional baker’s trade, the Marché® Bistro offers fresh, homemade fast food, and fans of gourmet burgers will find what they are looking for at Cindy’s Diner.

All concepts have one thing in common: the focus on hospitality and product quality. The visit becomes an experience for all senses; guests see, smell, and taste the freshness. Marché Restaurants Switzerland AG is diligent in preparing seasonal products as freshly and gently as possible and is constantly implementing new recipe ideas created by its passionate food experts.

Marché® Restaurant – the original in front-cooking

Here, cooking is a passion and guests can watch it live. As is customary at a traditional marketplace, you select your food from a colorful variety at various booths. The offerings include fresh, hand-squeezed juices, crisp salads, carefully prepared seasonal dishes, and homemade pastries. Marché® uses only Bio/Fairtrade coffee for its coffee specialties. The restaurants are rooted in their respective regions, which is reflected in their individual design. They also source typical local and seasonal products from local suppliers. This high standard of freshness meets the requirements of today’s customers with regard to conscious nutrition. Hospitality is the top priority. Once the guests have initially served themselves, additional drinks and food are brought to their tables. Of course, Marché® takes care of clearing the tables for its guests.

Families are welcome at Marché®. Thanks to highchairs on wheels, parents can easily stroll through the market stalls with their children and at the same time fill their trays with delicious foods. Children select their own orders from the varied offerings on the Picky Kids Menu. Inviting playground and kids’ corners await our little guests. The Baby Service Station is equipped with the essentials and enables parents to continue to have a pleasant journey.

The Marché® Natural Bakeries complement the Marché® Restaurants perfectly. Their bakers bake according to the rules and customs established by the traditional baker’s trade. In other words: flour, salt, yeat, water, and selected ingredients for refining are all Marché® needs. The secret to our bread is the long fermentation time by virtue of which it develops an intense taste of its own that makes the subtle difference. Hearty breads and other treats leave the oven on a daily basis. All processes from kneading the dough to fermentation and finally to the actual baking take place in a completely transparent manner before the eyes of our guests.

Marché® Bistro – the compact version of Marché® Restaurants

In a smaller space, Marché® Bistro offers equally conscious, fresh, and fast food for travelers. The product range includes typical Marché® offers such as freshly squeezed juices, and Bio/Fairtrade coffee as well as delicious Marché® sandwiches, crisp salads, and homemade pastries. Guest may enjoy the food either on site in comfortable seating areas or on the road as conveniently packaged takeaway.

Cindy’s Diner – welcome to the world of the freshest Burger

Cindy’s Diner serves fresh, high-quality gourmet burger and handmade Cindy’s Fries. The Swiss beef is transferred directly from the meat grinder onto the grill and the crispy spelt bun is sweetened with honey instead of sugar. We use only Swiss potatoes for Cindy’s Fries, which we cut fresh on a daily basis. American-style breakfast, fresh sandwiches, crisp salads, and delicious sweets round out the menu at Cindy’s Diner,  which brings guests a varied restaurant experience in the style of the timeless and trendy 50s. The stylish chrome facade, the seating areas modeled on original 1950s booths, and the typical American Diner decoration invite you on a journey into the legendary years of Cadillacs and petticoats. In the shop guests will also find original American products and various retro-style accessories as well as products for daily use.